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The First World War is usually regarded as the commencement of the modern era.In reason of the War's implication in some of the most significant changes in culture, economy, and government throughout the world, it is considered as the launch of a whole new set of outlooks of the world. An important aspect of the contemporary era is globalization of markets and international power politics built on fiscal concerns. The involvement of Canada and the United States of America into World War I marked one of the main variations of international economic and military influence in the twentieth century. Previously, Europe controlled practically all world affairs. During the war, America supplied the additional periphery of victory for the European countries and influenced the materialization of many treaties after the war.

Due to their participation in the First World War, America's economic dominance was established in the world, and they were able to globalise their industries.In America, World War I symbolises the formation of the current bureaucratic state; there was a huge expansion of the federal government and greater intrusion of the government into the lives of individuals. Important social tensions also emerge in the post-war world: class conflicts seen in labour and food riots during the war encouraged ethnic divisions that carried into the 1920's.

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The results of these rebellions were seen in the Red Scare and immigration restriction, and in the revival of the Ku Klux Klan. After World War I, the rise of mass consumer societies promotes new values of materialism, leisure, self-fulfillment, and sexual freedom. This trend flashes an enormous bang in the financial system and grants an opportunity for new and upcoming industries. Somehow, the war contributed to all these events which ultimately brang about the modern era.That is why the First World War is seen as the mark the instigator of the modern era.

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