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It has finally ended.

The Great War has ended.Today is a wonderful and joyful day for the world.The Allies have won the war, but both sides have lost severely.They have lost husbands, brothers, sons and friends.Yesterday, November 11, 1918 Germany accepted the armistice terms demanded by the Allies.Compared with other families my family is one of the lucky ones.My son and grandson, both, returned back from war.Although my son has one leg now, he is one of the luckiest one who survived the operation.

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It is estimated that about 9 to 10 million lives were lost in the Great War, and about 20 million wounded.For now my country, France, will have to rebuild from almost scratch, since we have wastedenormous amounts of money on the war.This war was definitely not worthed because it already caused economic consequences, and in the future it will probably have more consequences.The economic consequences were countries losing millions of dollars, and a lot of countries being in debt for a long time. For now, my family and I will have to put this war behind us and start rebuilding our lives.One major affect that the war had on society was the idea of women working.In my belief women will still continue to work because of the shortage of men.

The main reason we won the war is because of the United States.They came in fresh ready to fight and that forced the Central Powers to give up.Also, Woodrow Wilson's the Fourteen Points helped in ending the Great War.If the United States did not come into the war we probably still would be fighting until no men was standing.

For now, the main goal for France and others countries is to get over the past and move forward and rebuild their lives.For all the men that died in this war, let them rest in peace…


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