The the look and feel of Europe

The beginning of the twentieth century was supposed to be the century of brotherhood. Europe had a collective of alliances that was supposed to keep the mother countries out of war between each other. It was believed that cooperation was the ideology of the European empires, but it was slowly changing to competition. The mighty empires were trying to get as much land as possible from one another.

The differences between the empires were coming to a climatic time in european history. It all started from one incident that took place in a little county called Serbia. This would forever change the look and feel of Europe for years to come. It would bring a war like none ever scene, with world implications and millions dead. It was supposed to be the wars to end all wars, but in fact would bring on even worse consequences then anyone could have ever imagined.

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The unrest of Austria-Hungary and Russia was coming to a front. On one side you have the Austria-Hungary empire that like most of Europe was very Nationalistic. They did not get along with their neighbors. On the other side you have the Russian Empire that was headed by Czar Nicholas II. Russia was a very old empire that would not back away from a fight.

The tensions had been increasing, because both Austria-Hungary and Russia had some of the biggest armies in all of the world. The Austrian Hungarian empire had a thorn in its side, and they were serbians. The Austrian-Hungarian empire did not try to stop these up uprising's for fear of a war with Russia. The reason was, was because Russia had an alliance with Serbia. This meant that any action against Serbia would bring retaliation from Russia. This alliance would be the start and reason for World War I.

On June 28, 1914 Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophia were assassinated by a Slovak bosnian protester. The Austrian- Hungarian empire knew that they could take this travesty and use it to their advantage. They d…

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