World weren’t exactly our best friends either.

World War I all started when the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was shot. This causes turmoil between all of Europe and eventually escalated into The Great War. Before all of this turmoil, the United States was just beginning to get some recognition as a world power. They were involved in a war in Cuba that was against Spain and, after the defeat of Spain; the U.S. was finally getting a little credit. The relationship between the U.

S. and most of Europe was a good one, but we still had our enemies. We didn't fair to well with the Spaniards after the war and the Russians and Germans weren't exactly our best friends either. Overall, the U.

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S. was just starting to become friends with everyone and most of the countries and Europe didn't have problems with the U.S. But when the Archduke was assassinated everyone wanted the U.S. on their side.

President Woodrow Wilson declared that the U.S. would remain neutral and that they had no intention of entering the war.

This made a few Germans and Austrians mad so they decided to sink a few U.S. cruise ships. The sinking went on for a while and Wilson did nothing about it. The Germans were toying with the Americans and the Americans were not retaliating.The Germans were taking part in uncontrolled submarine warfare and Wilson did nothing about it. The Russian Revolution was also another cause of U.

S. entry into "The Great War." The Czar of Russia, Nicholas II, dragged 11 million Russian peasants into the war to fight for a cause they did not believe in. This caused controversy in Russia and set grounds for a revolution.

In February of 1917, a group of Russian activists revolted against the Czar and burned the palace with he and his family inside. They set up a provisional government made up of bankers, lawyers, industrialists, and capitalists. This didn't work very well, so a new group emerged to overtake the provisional government. They were known as t.


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