In to me many times.In my ignorance,

In breaking down my worldview, I discovered that I am not oriented towards one major view of life but a combination of many.One view that dominates is the Christian theistic view.It is a view that was taught to me from early childhood.I have come to realize and accept this view from general life experiences and from church teachings.

I was taught to believe in God without question.I have never questioned the existence of God as I have felt Him with me at all times.I believe He has revealed himself to me many times.In my ignorance, I ignore Him from time to time and end up on the wrong path but I’m working on it.

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Our discussions in class have brought me to many questions about God.I have not questioned God as a result of this discussion but I have questioned my own belief in God.There have been many unanswered questions about my beliefs circulating in my mind.Our class discussions have cleared up many of these questions if not all of them as well as provide! d me with believable proof.After discovering the concept of worldviews from class learning, I have decided that there are other portions of major worldviews that still hold some truth to me as well.In this paper I am attempting to compare worldviews not so much as a theist but to my view of life and the world with a theistic background.

To further clarify I will try to answer the seven basic questions.What is real?I believe that God is real and so am I as well as everything around me.I believe that everything has a little piece of God in it.

Where am I?I believe that I’m located somewhere in space and time but I am in Gods universe that he created.Who am I?I am a complex biochemical machine that was created by God.Where am I going?I’m not sure, but I believe in redemption of the soul by God.What is True?I believe that God word is true and has held true.I also believe in logic and science as holding truths as defined by observation a.


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