Viking documents from this time period one will

Viking from the early 1800's to the early 1800's to the early 1000's were scourge of Europe, whenever their ships approach people ran in terror; deaf and destruction soon follow there after.By looking at documents from this time period one will be able to see clearly how Vikings terrified the population in the North part of Europe and why the abruptly change their attitude, in the early part ofthe new millennium.BEGINNING IN THE NINTH CENTURY the seafaring Vikings colonized Iceland and the Faeroe Islands and enlarge their world with the establishment of two settlements in Greenland; this expansion culminated, in about the A.D. 1000, with the discovery of the east coast of North America.

These sagas, written in Iceland in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, are the best sources of what is known about this remarkable Viking expansion into territories to the north and west.The sagas, such as Erik the Red's Saga, Greenlanders' Saga, Egil's Saga, and the various sagas of the Norwegiankings, give a vivid account of the western expansion during the Viking Age.Who were these Vikings as portrayed in the sagas?On the basis of the records and chronicle written by the English and French monks, the Viking expansion in the late ninth and tenth century might seem to be merely a series of raids involving robbery and violence.Expanding Vikings territories west from Scandinavia was only possible because of the excellence of the Norse ships.What brought about these expeditions to new and unknown lands?It is not known exactly how many came to Iceland settlers during this period, but twelve thousand is a common postulate.

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The sagas contain long, detailed accounts of thefirst settlers, nothing where they came from and why they left their home country.The remarkable Icelandic Book of Settlements, writter in the thirteenth century and perhaps based on early manuscripts, tells of about four hundred s..


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