Activity people there spoke early Greek.Around 1200 BCE

Activity 1 – Laying the Foundations (Knowledge & Understanding) ConceptsMycenaea 6500 BCE Neolithic farming starts to develop also the production bronze starts, there is trade and use of natural resources.Archaeologist called this new culture Mycenaean, after its largest political centre, Mycenea.The people there spoke early Greek.Around 1200 BCE there was a series of disasters brought an end to the civilization. Delian League The Greeks repulsed the Persian invasion of 480-479 BCE and took a small piece of land along the coast of Asia Minor.

The Greeks discussed a percent alliance to continue fighting them.The has asked Sparta but they refused, so with Sparta not wanting to the ally with they needed a strong fleet and leaders with vision.Aristeisdes helped organize the Delian League, by having each state sign a defense treaty with Athens and agree to pay an annual tribute toward maintaining a common fleet.Aristeisdes was the one who calculated how much each state had to pay; his fairness gave him the title "Aristeisdes the Just".

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Roman Baths These hated baths were perhaps the greatest of all Roman contribution to the art of living.There were elaborately built structures for steaming, relaxing, or taking an ice-cold plunge.People used these large public places for socializing.

Both men and women, rich and poor used these bath houses. Colosseum Construction on the Colosseum started in 29 BCE, the amphitheatre in Pompeii was built 50 years before the one in Rome.The original name of the Colosseum was Flavian Amphitheatre; it was not until 80 CE that it was named Colosseum by the Emperor Titus.It got its name as there was a colossal statue of the Emperor Nero standing nearby. The Colosseum had 80 gates and 76 of the 80 gates were used by the public.There were four areas for sitting, and the Colosseum could hold up to 50 000 people.

The sexes were segregated with women slaves re…

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