How of things more, without getting people mad

How the U.S.

Should Influence World Affairs The United States should try to take care of things more, without getting people mad at the same time.They should have a meeting with all of the world powers and try to discuss their problems.These meetings should discuss the problems we are having and try to figure out a way to solve these problems.

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I feel that it is mainly our responsibility to take care of the rest of the world.It might not of been our choice to take on this responsibility but we are the superpower of the world.By being the superpower of the world comes a lot of responsibility that not everyone could handle.If you think of it we are like the peace keepers of the world, yeah some people tell us to mind our own business but the more we help people the more the people are dependent and look up to us for it.

We the U.S. need to get involved in more things and try to get countries to solve their problems more peacefully.

As we all know everything does not always go peacefully.Sometimes problems get worse instead of better and there is no other choice but war, and when this happens we are usually thefirst ones there.True we don't always want to fight but once again the responsibility thing comes into effect again, the U.S. has probably the best Army, Navy, etc so automatically we are thefirst ones that everybody turns to for help.In a way that's a good thing but sometimes that can get us into trouble, or if we try to stay neutral it might make things worse like WW2.So we as the U.S.

have a lot on our hands on making decisions, supporting other countries, and so on.I feel that the U.S. should keep on trying to influence world affairs.

I'm not saying that we know everything cause we certainly don't but the more we try to help I feel that other countries will see that we actually care about them and that we really want world peace….

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