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Working in the late nineteenth century Late in the nineteenth century, as the United States was recovering from the devastating effects of the civil war, poverty and famine began to strike the people of the country (pg 25).Financial panic sparked the beginning of a severe depression and the people grew restless as wages were being cut and the work place became more unsuitable for safe work (pg 25).

Even though wages were almost too low to make ends meet, the rapid growth of immigration and the increase of unemployment gave the industry owners the opportunity to submit its workers to unfit workplaces and low wages.There were many effects of the industrial revolution, but weather the conditions were improving or getting worse depended on the perspective and position of the individual. The economic situations of the general population were improving, but still not comparable to the standards of today."Testimony of Workmen" gave good sources on what the average worker thought about their job in that era.

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The bias in the testimony is most workers always feel they are worth more then the credit given to them.Another valuable source was "Earnings, Expenses and Conditions of Workingmen and Their Families." Although this seems to be a great source of information on the time period about the money situation of the common worker, information could be questionable because they would like an appearance everything is good in order to maintain their power. Life was improving for most educated families backed by unions, but families lacking education and means to communicate due to immigration halted the ability to adapt and grow as hastily as the rest of the society.Since most immigrants were unable to communicate and understand the predominant language of the society, they did not have the opportunity to seek education due to lack of teachings in their native tongue.

Plagued by no education, and no backing…

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