Work-related may lead to WMSD include lifting of

Work-related diseases are multifarious diseases in which the events in the work setup plays a major causation. Evidences have suggested that musculoskeletal disorder, diseases from biological agent and several psychosomatic disturbances affects the workers and contributes towards a variety of elements including those in the workplace.
The health care professionals, especially those who deals patients daily are in peril to undergo musculoskeletal disorders which impaires the performace of their daily routine going from the limitation of movements to temporary disability. Salisk and Ozkan have documented that work-related musculoskeletal disorders are frequently encountered by physiotherapists due to their nature of work. Factors that may lead to WMSD include lifting of heavy objects, static posture, routine overhead work or performing repetitive forceful tasks. A study of Cromie JE1, Robertson VJ, Best MO showed that the lifelong prevalence of WRMD in physiotherapist was 91% and one in every six physiotherapists shifted or left the profession due to any complication.


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