Work These entities have a long term

Work life of an individual entails responsibilitiesand duties peculiar to the organisation, position, and task at hand.Theoretically according to Oliver Sheldon, “the process of combining the work which individualsand groups have to perform” is an organization. They come into existence when thereare people who are desirous of satisfying personal and social needs.Organizations are created and maintained by people and are categorized entities.

These entities have a long term existence, have an orderly structure andarrangement of activities. It also customizes its roles, tasks, relationships,positions, and accountability too. Authority is assigned to persons occupyingvarious positions. Compliances of norms and guidelines are strictly to befollowed.

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Talcott Parson’s classification of organization on a functional basiscomprises of religious organizations like a temple, mosque, church, trusts andwakf boards.As per this classification the Hindu religiousinstitution –the temples are organisations which carry out religious activities.These temples staffs individuals who know the tasks they need to carryoutefficiently and effectively. The poem “The Brooke” by Lord Tennyson describes the brooke by saying, “men may go,men may come, but I go on forever”. This verses are apt to visionise templeswhich has been in existence dating back to over 1000 years and more.

Hindu templeis a “house of god(s)” (George Michell (1977) and distinctly reserved forrituals and customs of religious and spiritual nature. These Hindu templesreligiously follow the Vedic traditions, culture and customs handed down fromancient times. These traditions are being carried out by persons who areconventionally handed over the job, either by their family legacy or as a vitalpart of their birthright. But now a days religious boards also recruits peoplethrough selection processes for the posts of priest’s .The priests also calledShanthikars conduct the ceremonial worship in the inner sanctum sanctorum of temples.Their main role and duties pertain to conduct of daily puja (prayer)at thedifferent  temple they are stationed.They conduct rituals, practices  and chantmantras (religious hymns) .

They need to have a practical knowledge of thesehymns ,how to perform the  routineofferings ,the materials required like the flowers ,the various artifacts likespecific puja vessels, bells etc. They are to have an understanding of thetimings and the structure of each rituals of different ceremonial and dailyrituals. Every temple has its own deity and uniqueness. These priests need tohave a working knowledge of the rituals of individual deities which differaccording to temples. But with time and cultural evolution in society thesecategory of individuals have started to don various roles other than what isconstituted in their role and responsibilities.

These subtle change in rolesand responsibilities are due to their interactions with the devotees who cometo offer prayer in these temples.


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