Work-life export earnings in 2002. The contribution

Work-lifebalance is about creating and maintaining supportive and healthy workenvironments, which will enable employees to have balance between work andpersonal responsibilities and thus strengthen employee loyalty andproductivity.So,work life balance is an important to an employee to manage his/her personnellife. Socio demographic factors have an impact on work life balance of employeesin co-operate world faced with challenges associated with conflicts betweenwork and life roles. Studies found that work–life issues impact everyoneregardless of individual demographics, social economic status, or familystructure (Frone, 2003; Kinnunen, Geurts,& Mauno, 2004; Kossek & Ozeki,1998; McMillan, Morris,& Atchley, 2011).

Garmentindustry has an important place in Sri Lanka’s economy. It has become Sri Lanka’slargest export industry since 1986. It is also the country’s largest netforeign exchange earner since 1992. Total value of export earnings in thesector was at US dollars 2,424 million accounting for 52 per cent of the totalexport earnings in 2002. The contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)was 5.

3 per cent in 2002. This industry provides more than 330,000directemployment or 5 per cent of country’s total employment in more than 1,060garment factories. So, banks need high amount of human resources to achievethese objectives. Even though they need such a large number of employees, bankstry to cater to the customers while using minimum number of employees with theaim of reducing labour cost.  Whenconsidering the labour force, impact of work life balance is affecting on maleand female employees in different manner.

Although there is an increasing rateof female employment, there is a very wide gender imbalance in terms of thecharacteristics of women-employment in Sri Lanka. They are employed in semi-skilledlabor intensive industries irrespective of their educational level, lack ofopportunities for upgrading the skills, gender demotion, job insecurity, lowincome, exposure to occupational health hazards, long working hours in somejobs and inability to advance beyond the “glass ceiling” or remaining at thebottom of the organizational structure (Jayaweera, 1995). 


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