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During the later half of the 1700's, our country was going through some amazing changes.

These changes did not involve politics, but they would eventually lead to some political policies the United States would soon pass. But these changes centered around economics and a new way of business in the U.S. They would also bring a new way of life for the middle and lower classes.

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These changes are no referred to as the Industrial Revolution, and it brought forth a new way of producing goods. It changed the face of our nation from and agricultural emphasis to one of industry and mass production of processed goods. This in turn changed how the country would look at work places and how workers were treated.

Great Britain gave birth to this whole concept of industry while it was also the strongest power in the modern world. This was a revolution that couldfirst only be started bya very powerful country. The U.S., France, and Germany would soon follow in the footsteps of Great Britain.

With the introduction of this new huge concept, new problems would have to be tackled. Some of these problems concerned the work force (Giljie). One of the most famous technological advancements was that of steam power, and more exact, the steam engine. The world was also finding methods of fuel for energy, such as coal and petroleum. This revolutionized many industries including textiles and manufacturing.

Also, a new communication medium was invented called the telegraph. This made communicating across the ocean much faster (Giljie). Though technology was thriving, it was at the cost of the socioeconomic status of the general population, which was falling. One consequence was the birth of large cities with massive housing.

Many people were driven to the cities to look for work. In turn, they ended up living in the cities that could not support them. This new revolution also brought forth the idea of a materialistic society, which we still hav…

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