The how kids should handle teasing, bullying

The book written by Sally Ogden entitled “Words will never hurt me. ” is about how kids should handle teasing, bullying and putdowns from others.

Teasing, bullying and putdowns are common to children. It is sometimes for the fun, or sometimes their way of communicating with others. We cannot erase the phrase “Kids will be kids. ” and so together with that, is the presence of bullying, teasing, and putdowns (Witkop, 2002). Parents usually remind their children to be numb of the bad words other children would throw onto them.One phrase has got my attention regarding the victim of such bullying. It was stated this way, “Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

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”. This is what usually the words parents commonly put in the minds of their children. The reason for this is they wanted to protect their children even if they were not besides them, or not in the sight of their eyes. But on the viewpoint of the victim, those who were bullied, teased, and being putdown, this are just plain words wherein these words only affects those who had spoken it.Those words also have been considered as wisdom formed into shield to protect the victim, but that shield can also be broken. As what Rosie, a student who experienced being bullied by classmates from Canada, claimed, it took more time to repair and recover from a broken spirit than a broken bones (Witkop, 2002).

Bullying Bullying was failed to be appreciated as one of the problems in schools with which students came to suffer in school. There is a climate created by the process of bullying in which both the victim and those who had witnessed the events to feel scared.And the one responsible for that are those who are using their power, making the victims to feel as powerless beings. The power those bullies possess usually is their physical attributes such as size and their physical strength. The other source is an organization where they belong to, or a group or team which they participated, and the territory they handle. What to do? There had been many studies regarding the handling of teases, bullying and putdowns, and researches on how to react and respond to those situations.Considering a situation which we put teasing, bullying, and putdowns to be present in a classroom of students at third grade, some of the skills and strategies that can be applied are the following; the teacher of the staff must be responsible on what is happening inside the classroom and to his students; an anti-bullying climate must be created; and there must be a need to resolve a conflict inside the classroom. Awareness on the Problem Matter Persons responsible on the classroom, such as staff or teachers, must be aware of what is happening inside the classroom, that is, if there are teasing, bullying and students who were being put down.

To do this, first is to do a survey regarding the past experiences, present experiences of the students and staffs inside the school regarding bullying, teasing and being put down. A personal interview or any kind of survey would do as to how it is made. The main concern here is to gather information about their perspective on those situations, that is, what should be done during this situations, how to act and respond, what to consider before doing anything, will the actions to be done will benefit you or cause you harm, and many more.An actual observation can also be done. This can be done during recess, lunch break, and free time, with the aim to find and know what is going on in all sides of the school. During those times are the most advisable time because students were acting on their own, being not affected of fear on teachers if they would be seen like in the classroom. And also, their mind was not being affected by the lectures inside the classroom, and probably will act freely at their own will.Doing this might gain some data regarding why students bully, tease, put down others.

The teacher can also look for files in the office regarding cases on bullying, teasing, and put downs and some of those who complains. Through this, better understanding on the situation and on the behavior of students would be collected. This will make it easier for the teacher to make some possible actions while being put into considerations both of the two parties, the bullied and the bully.

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