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To some, the 60s were a decade of discovery as Americansfirst journeyed to the moon. Others remember the time as a decade of America's moral decline with the invention of rock and roll and its representation of “sinful”, inappropriate ideals.

Yet for many people, the 60s symbolized a decade of love and harmony. Hippies exemplified these beliefs, and in 1969 they gathered at a music festival known as "Woodstock" to celebrate their music, their love, and their freedom in a concert that has remained one of the most influential events of the 60s. Police on the highways had seen the biggest traffic jam in the history of road life. The highway leading to Bethel New York was stopped by "Hippies" parking their vans near the farm.

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The hippies had to walk some twenty miles from the congested roads to their camping spot. Woodstock 1969 started out with many things going on in the world at the time. Woodstock was made to actually have young teens come to northern New York to rebel from war and celebrate that the Vietnam War was over and that they wanted it to stay that way.

The teens and kids that came were either rebels or hippies. The main inventors of Woodstock 1969 were John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld and Michael Lang. These men were blended by the urge to make Woodstock 1969 happen and they each had a different skill. Roberts was known for the money, Lang had concert experience, Kornfeild had the power of persuasion, and Rosenman had the will to spread the news. These men met by being friends and Lang met with the other people by having them at his other concerts.

These men had found a place to have Woodstock. The men then reconsidered because of the fact that it was just not what they were looking for. They then found a pasture called "Yasgur Farms". They thought it would be perfect. It didn't have any of the needs of the common man such as indoor plumbing and a minimum amou.


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