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The Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969 drew more than 500,000 people to a pasture in Sullivan County, New York. For four days, the site became a counterculture nation in which minds were open, and drugs were accepted. The fans were attracted by the presence of the most famous rock bands and performers of the time. The music began Friday afternoon August 15 and continued until mid-morning Monday August 18 The counterculture's biggest bash, which ultimately cost $2.4 million, was sponsored by four men: John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfield, and Michael Lang. John Roberts supplied the money and he had seen one rock concert, by the Beach Boys. Joel Rosenman had just graduated from Yale Law School, and was playing guitar for a lounge band in cheap motels.

Artie Kornfield was a vice president at Capitol Records, and he wrote songs and produced music. Michael Lang had produced one of the biggest rock shows ever, the Miami Pop Festival, and was a manager of a rock group called Train. The oldest of the four was 26 yet they made a great team. One of their ideas was a cultural exposition/rock concert/ extravaganza, the other for a recording studio. To this day, the founders of Woodstock disagree on who came up with the original idea for the concert. They decided the profits from the concert would be used to pay for the recording studio. The four partners formed a corporation in which each member held 25 percent. The company was called Woodstock Ventures.

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They immediately searched to find a site for the concert. For $10,000, Woodstock Ventures had leased a tract of land in the town of Wallkill, New York. The 300-acre Mills Industrial Park offered perfect access. It had the essentials, electricity, and water lines. Nonetheless, Lang and Roberts were unhappy with the site. Woodstock Ventures set to work on the property, all the while searching for an alternative. The Wallkill Zoning Board of Appeals officially banned Woodstock on July .


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