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Before questioning Woodrow Wilson’s role in World War I, you mustfirst examine the reasons that prompted the United States to enter the conflict.Several key events were responsible for us to get involved.

After taking into account the combat in Europe, the heated debate over interventionism, and German resentment to our healthy relations with Britain, Wilson decided to engage the United States in WWI.As a result, he became the key figure in United States decision making.After observing the time period before and during the war, you can agree that most of Wilson’s decisions reflected what was in the best interests of our national security while simultaneously maintaining our national ideals and control over the situation.

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However, despite this success, his actions in peacetime were not supported by the nation. The years 1914 to 1917 saw Europe embroiled in the conflict known as World War I.This catastrophic conflict was the result of incredible feelings of nationalism, imperialism, military expansionism, and heightened tensions between the nations of Europe due to the ;isms mentioned above.The catalyst to the catastrophe was the assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914. While war was raging in Europe, Wilson was debating whether or not the U.

S. should get involved.Although he had suffered the double tragedy of his wife’s death and the war’s outbreak, Wilson did not lose touch with the majority sentiment of neutrality. He issued the neutrality proclamation in August of 1914 and called on Americans to be neutral in thought as well as in deed.Although a great majority of Americans did not support the Kaiser or his barbaric methods, they remained true to the message of the proclamation.Our national security was temporarily safeguarded through a staunch belief in neutrality.

However, being the superpower of the West, some felt that it was our duty to get involved and end the f…

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