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"Woodrow Wilson Wouldn't Yield" In the article "Woodrow Wilson Wouldn't Yield" by Thomas A.

Bailey, Bailey describes Woodrow Wilson as president in the time of the Great War as he fought for the League of Nations and fought against the Senate.Wilson was a strong character and all he truly wanted was the Great War to be "the war to end all wars."As America didn't necessarily want to go to war, Wilson persuaded them right into it.

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He was an excellent war leader just out there to fight the war and make our entire world safe for democracy.The best part of Wilson's idealism was his fourteen points addressed to Congress in January, 1918.His points were promising many goals and were specifically designed for propaganda purposes.The fourteenth point was to create a League of Nations, the most important thing of all, to end all future conflicts and harsh wars.Other countries were far more imperialistic than idealism.

Wilson started fearing the treaty would not passed in 1919, but he never thought it would truly not get passed.More things started happening to break up the treaty, things such as Italy claiming the Adriatic port and Japanese pressing claims to China's Shantung.The Treaty of Versailles was passed in 1919 only containing four of Wilson's fourteen points.The war to end all wars was falling a little short of its goals as there were "about twenty conflicts of varying intensity being waged over the globe.The Lodge reservations finally broke the back of the treaty as Wilson becomes more and more impatient with the deadlock in the senate.The second- chance vote was in March, 1920, but failed of the two- thirds majority vote.Wilson would have almost certainly held "the treaty if it had passed the Lodge reservations.

"These are some of the times in the Great War trying to accept the League of Nations and democracy, but we were just one w…

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