During making decisions.He wanted to make sure that

During Woodrow Wilson’s two terms in office he showed to be a great democratic leader in many areas.He managed to accomplish a lot. Wilson always looked for changes and improvements.

As president he was never afraid to show a bit of a radical side when it came to making changes.He was constantly pushing for world peace and the avoidance of World War I.Even though he was unsuccessful in avoiding the war he showed to be a great leader during it.

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He never gave up on anything he was trying to do. When hefirst became president he pushed for equality of opportunity for all men, no matter if they were rich or poor. He presented many new proposals to congress and often he presented these new proposals in person. Wilson also created new agencies such as the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Trade Commission.He was also responsible for the ratification of the 18th Amendment.

In 1920 during his second term, hepassed the 19th Amendment which allowed women to vote.During this time he was also pressured by the southerners to allow segregation in Washington D.C.

He said that this would be in the best interests of the blacks. Woodrow Wilson did how ever show weaknesses during his presidency. During World War I he often took his time in making decisions.He wanted to make sure that there wasn’t any other way to avoid the war.

This was good that he was looking out after the interest of the country, but it could also have made the war worse. Wilson did show a strong side in one area, world peace.All through hisfirst term he aimed to prevent World War I.

This was the war that was known as “the ware that would end all wars”.He kept the U.S.

neutral and often visited other countries trying to get them to agree on peace.Keeping the U.S. out of war was a great accomplishment and helped him win the 1916 election.But during his second term he found that he could not avoid the war any longer.

The German’s had said …

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