Wonders this. It’s very interesting. Victoria Falls is

Wonders of the World      I will be telling you facts about Victoria Falls.

This place is not only breathtaking it is a natural wonder and ecosystem. If you keep reading you will learn more and more about this beautiful place.     I  think you should visit Victoria Falls because, it is a beautiful place. Its known as “Mosi oa-Tunya” which means  (“the smoke that thunders”).The Europeans named it that because they were amazed when they came across this beauty. It’s one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It’s one and a half times wider than Niagara Falls and is twice the height making it the biggest curtain of water in the world, which makes it the largest waterfall in the world!!    Around mid-April is when the waters occur.

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It can reach to 625 million litres over the edge per minute!!  Victoria Falls was named by a Scottish missionary and explorer, David Livingstone named the place in 1855, after Queen Victoria, (the queen of England at the time). Victoria Falls was discovered on November 16, 1855. Victoria Falls was not man made, it is sitting on a Basalt rock and from the rapids of Zambezi River.    Did you know without Zambezi River, Victoria Falls would not exist. Zambezi River runs almost exactly halfway along it, with the Zambezi River  leaving the Falls and making its way east to empty into the Indian Ocean. Zambezi River is one of the fourth largest rivers in Africa after African River after River Nile, River Congo and River Niger. If you visit Victoria Falls you can see the mist rising from the falls. Victoria Falls has rain season and a dry season.

During the dry season late in August and till October, you can walk and swim at the top!!    A group of rocks form this. It’s very interesting. Victoria Falls is a beautiful place, if i was you I would visit this beauty. In 1964, Zambia got independence from Great Britain. At night you can see the moonbow, it is the reflection of moonlight on the water. Over 70+ years the government’s of Zambia and Zimbabwe have been thinking of building a dam.

They said it will cost about 4 billion dollors.  In conclusion, I really hope you enjoyed learning about Victoria Falls, because I know I did!  This place is very interesting. I really think you should visit this sight for amazement. I really enjoyed typing about this wonderful place, to be honest i convinced myself.

If you visit please tell me all about it. Wish you a good day at work! Have a nice day!! Works Citedwww.uniglobedonaldson.com/post/view/10-interesting-facts-about-victoria-fallshttps://www.victoriafalls-guide.net/facts-on-victoria-falls.htmlhttps://www.mahlatini.com/blog/2013/03/victoria-falls-top-10-fun-facts/easyscienceforkids.com › Earth Science › Natural Wonders


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