Suffrage to be influential on a state-to-state

Suffrage is the term used to describe the right to vote as a natural right. When people are without it, they work hard in order to have it. Without having the ability to vote, one cannot have a say in what goes on around them. The most influential period for women and their fight for the right to vote was from 1890 to 1920.

Women felt that if they had the same freedoms as the men had at that time that all their problems would be solved. They had a lot of troubles and without being able to vote, they felt incapable of changing the future for themselves and their daughters. The women;s situation in the nineteenth century seemed bleak. Everything they worked hard at achieving did not belong to them but to there father or husband. The fight started slowly but steadily, until it grew stronger later on in the late nineteenth century. With the help of great leaders, they were able to be influential on a state-to-state basis. They worked just as nominees did for being elected.

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They created marches, made banners, pins, and held rallies in support of their cause. Reluctantly, men favored suffrage for women, and states started granting women the right to vote. With great assistance, from those tough brave leaders, the women;s fight was soon over as the nation granted them suffrage with the nineteenth amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

This was a great movement for the women of that time and without their fight from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, the American nation would not have been able to enjoy the brilliant minds and the feminine people today. The situation for women in the late nineteenth century was like many other centuries before it. Slaves, children, and women were all regarded as having a natural dependency.Women never had any rights nor did they own any property of their own. The government claimed that women did not need any rights because the man that was most …

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