Women began their fight again slavery.Theirfirst hand

Women of the mid-1800s were as a whole realizing their ability to stand apart from past stereotypes and make a difference.The pre-Civil War period was a time for women to break away form past stereotypes and change the way our country thinks forever.People like the Grimke Sisters were leading figures in many women;s rights movements.They emerged from a notorious slave-owning family in the south only to lead rallies for the abolitionists; movement.

In 1848, a lady by the name of Elizabeth Cady Stanton led the Seneca Falls Convention.This was thefirst women;s rights convention in all of American history.It was a stepping-stone on the way to equal rights for all women.It was an undeniable fact that women were becoming more vocal with there opinions and were precipitating change throughout the country. Sarah and Angelina Grimke were members of a wealthy southern family who rejected slavery for religious purposes.

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In the 1830s, they moved into a northern Quaker community where they began their fight again slavery.Theirfirst hand experience of slavery made them popular speakers, and they soon found themselves addressing hundreds of eager listeners.Atfirst their audience consisted mainly of women, but men became interested and soon attended the meetings.They had become thefirst female public speakers in America.This alone was a drastic step in the direction of change for all women.

The ;woman;s sphere; that was once held highly esteemed was now being torn open.Women from all over, especially the middle class, were stepping out from the shadows and made their voices heard.Even through constant criticism, the Grimke Sisters persevered and stood up for what they believed in.A group of ministers reproved the sisters for ;stepping outside the woman;s proper sphere.;Sarah Grimke quickly answered by saying, ;the Constitution states that all men and women wer..


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