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The Women;s Rights Movement happened years ago, but we cannot forget about the sacrifices that those women made back then so that the women today could enjoy those freedoms that they worked so hard at obtaining.There were many women that did their part in gaining women;s freedom all around the world.In this essay I will talk about 4 of those women.

Thefirst woman that I think stands out in women;s history is Betty Friedan.Betty Friedan wrote a book called ;The Feminine Mystique,; in which she basically set the standards for what women could and could not do.She said that women were not restricted to being just wives that stay in the kitchen and cook.She pointed out that women could go out and get jobs, and that they had just the same equalities as men.When I interviewed my mother, she said that Betty Friedan was one of her idols as she was growing up.

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She said that Betty was one of thefirst women to actually stand up and say what she believed in, and my mother respected that greatly. The next woman that I would like to talk to you about is the famous Rosa Parks.I say that she is famous because almost everybody everywhere knows her story.But just in case, Rosa Parks was the woman that was riding on the bus and refused to give up her seat to a white man so they arrested her.That started uproar in the black community.

She set the ball in motion for the end of total segregation by refusing to give up her seat.Rosa Parks, I think, is the most influential woman in the movement, just because her one action did so much to help her cause. The third woman that I think is important is Betty Ford.Betty Ford was the wife of President Gerald Ford.She was thefirst woman that actually brought cancer and different types of diseases into the open.She did this because she was deadly addicted to drugs and alcohol.She figured that by openly talking about it, she could help herse..


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