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Throughout history, women had to struggle in order to obtain the same rights as men.Among the rights women fought for was the right to vote.In 1908, the women of England helped to pave the way for women;s rights to vote throughout the world.There were many social conditions in England that led women to seek the right to vote.Some of the social conditions women had to endure were strict marriage laws and unfair job opportunities.

In England in the early 20th century, the marriage laws for women were very unjust.The marriage rights were made by men for women.When women got married, they gave up their economic independence and work.

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Men provided food, shelter, and clothing, and decided how much money is spent on the women.Also, women had no voice legally and had no claim on the men;s income.Women weren;t even considered a mother to their children, who had only one parent, the father. Another factor that upset women and made them fight for the right to vote was the lack of employment opportunities for them.Even though there were women who were well educated, the well-paid jobs were given to men instead.

This was very unfair and put women in an insecure economic position. These social conditions made women fight for voting rights.Voting is a symbol, a safeguard, and an instrument.It is a symbol of freedom, citizenship, and liberty, and a safeguard for the liberties that it symbolizes.

Women wanted to vote without giving up their duties in the home because they had a very insecure and poor position in life….

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