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In the 1900's, there was a constant struggle for women in society. The right to vote had become a major issue in England and eventually migrated its way over to the United States.

Women had to deal with difficult social condition in order to achieve their goal of obtaining the right to vote. The vote was more then simply what it states it is. To women, the vote represents a symbol, of citizenship, liberty, and freedom, a safeguard, of these liberties, and most of all an instrument which encourages the people for more than what the forefathers had gotten. At this time, women had a lot of strife to cope with, especially in regards to family life. Marriage was a influential issue in the argument over the right to vote. This act was said to be unjust and unequal and women believed that their right to vote could make it fair and wise. It has been said that marriage was made for women by men.

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Women believe that they should have a point of view which matters in the subject matter of marriage. If a woman was to be wed, she would have to give up her economic independence and employment for his security. The married man had last say in every aspect of life, even in the decision of the future for his child, including religion, education and everything in between. The wife has no legal voice, no claim on income and is forced to be content whether she is starving or not. The man decides how much food, shelter, money and clothes he provides her with.

Also expanding on the same idea of inequality, after all the training women from schools, almost all posts and professorships are given to men. Women believed that the Parliamentary vote will eventually make life easier for women. Political equality is the key which is needed to unlock "the door". Home is an important part of society in which everyone in the nation has.

Home is a place where every child can be a happy and useful member of society and women feel like their contri…

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