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In the past decades, there have been changes that revolutionized the lives of many different ethnic and minority groups within America. Prior impressions molded during our early years of school and everyday life have led us to believe certain preconceived characteristics of women and minorities.

Various answers and solutions have arisen from the suffrage of many ethnic and minority groups. The desire for freedom was elevated because of oppressing discrimination of many groups.Thus, clashes emerged not only with opposing groups, but also within the accepted structure of life. This paper will identify and explore some typical stereotypes about women based on the document analysis, " Women's Liberation Aims to Free Men, Too ".It also explores modifications that are necessary for women to liberate from injustices.It explores certain challenges facing women and, ideally, the improvement on society through liberation. Thefirst major hurdle to overcome listed within this article is to deviate from what we have learned throughout history. The information taught throughout history is narrow-minded in regards to specific gender roles and races.

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Thus, in order to achieve success in dealing with the issue of liberation we must learn to understand that certain conceptions that were instilled in us to justify obvious discrimination. These beliefs were embedded as the governing foundations of our history. In order to overcome the injustice one must open their mind to identify certain discrepancies, and to do so without thought of the implied bias message learned throughout everyday life. This article draws a similarity between the struggle for inequality between women and that of the black rights movement. The fight for equality from both movements encouraged legal action by the government. The findings of the government documented and proved that in fact there was greater inequality against women, even in comparison ..


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