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In today’s generation, although women are regarded as equal to men there still exist biases and gender inequality. In the physical context, women are regarded as inferior to me. Thus, works that require the use of physical strength commonly involves men. Women are unexpected to participate in this kind of work and it is really unusual to see women in such places. However, it is undeniable that there are times wherein women displayed their ability of performing such task of which blacksmithing is included. Being a blacksmith requires strong physical strength and as well as endurance.For this reason, women are rarely seen doing the said work.

It is considered as a man’s work. Thus, it is really surprising to know that even women participated in this kind of work in earlier American trades. Due the demand of physical strength, it can be said the women that are involved in this trade, in blacksmithing, belong to the lower class. Surely being a blacksmith is not the kind of work that a woman in any generation would want. Their involvement in this kind work is something that is against their will.

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However, they are force by circumstances to enter in this kind of work living them no other choice. Also, it is most likely that these women are widows that really have to work for her family. Thus, it can be said that the everyday life of these women that are involve in male dominated trade are unlike most of the women in the society.

Well, taking care of the children and other chores can be a part of their daily lives but they devote most of their time in being a blacksmith, holding hammers and other equipment use in blacksmithing.I can imagine that their morning duty is like any other mother but after this, they are now ready to do the job, being a blacksmith. Of course, being involved in this kind of trade is likely to have effects on her relationship with the family members. Her relationship with the children will not be like the usual relationship of a mother to a child wherein the children are closest to their mother than anyone else. This is because being involved in this work will surely lessen the time that she spent with the family.Hard work will also change the mood of a person.

At the end of the day, she may not even have the time to spend with her family. Thus, her relationships with the family members are not well developed. The involvement of women in this kind of trade proves that a woman can do what a man can do. This situation is also a challenge to men for by this time men is really considered superior over woman. It is also said that woman are most free in participating in this kind of trade by the time that there is a lot that needs to be done and vise versa.

On the other hand, due to industrialization many things had been made easier. This can be considered as an advantage for women who are involve in trades that are dominated by men. Because of the different equipment that had been made and develop, they can be able to do the same kind of work a lot easier. It will not require that much amount of physical strength to do the job and so they will be somehow fitted for the work. Knowing that there are women that are involved in such trade, it somehow changes my view of women and their role in our society as a whole.

It also makes me realize how far a woman can go especially mothers in order to provide the needs of the family. The love of a mother to her child is truly a great and incomparable kind of love. It also proves that a woman can do what a man can do. Thus, the notion that a woman’s place is in the house is very inappropriate. They deserve our respect and acknowledgement of their capabilities. There are even some countries that are ruled by woman, a concrete example that woman are not to be treated less of a man.There had been so many times in histories of different nations that women have proven themselves capable and worthy of praise and respect.

Even in the contemporary time, women are considered inferior in different ways. Gender biases always exist which should not be case. Men and Women are to be considered equal and no one is inferior or superior over the other.

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