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When asked about Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson, we can tell you all about them, but when asked about the women of the women's suffrage movement many of us can't tell you a thing about it. The women of this movement were fighting for something they wanted and something they believed they felt they deserved.

Most of us know that they wanted the right to vote but I believe it was more than just the right to vote.At the convention in Seneca Falls the men and women of the movement wrote the Declaration of Sentiments. In this Declaration of Sentiments the women demanded equal rights in education, equal rights in employment opportunities, and voting rights. Within the next 72 years women have gained equal rights in education, employment opportunities, and voting rights. Women have not always been able to gain an education easily as it today.

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Without this Declaration of Sentiments woman today as we know it would not be successful businesswomen, doctors, or lawyers. Forty-eight years before the Declaration of Sentiments was written women were not allowed to attend school once they were done with grammar school. They were allowed to continue their education privately if that so please them, but they couldn't attend school because women were considered frail minded, academically challenged, and could not study beyond grammar school.

In September 1821 when thefirst college was opened women still did not receive full equality but they still had a chance for a high education. The women of this time where brought up to believe that they were to housewives and mothers. But as time went by, the women of this time began to see how it was unfair for women not to receive a higher education, and they began to protest. With an enhanced education women could get better employments opportunities but that didn't always mean that. Throughout history women, men, and children have been brought up in the church and coun..


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