It but we got in our own feud

It was a time of discrimination when World War II started in 1939 with Europe fighting against Hitler.About a year later, we started in to help Europe but we got in our own feud against Japan.Our men started leaving the country in 1941 to defend their country in the war with Japan.

At this time the "women's place" was still in the home.Ladies were looked upon as mothers and nothing more.But since the beginning of World War II, a "women's place" and social stature has remarkably progressed. Daly life in America changed for the worse.

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People had to cut back on the things that they needed as well as the things that they wanted.Imports that previously made life easier in America disappeared.The things that the soldiers needed over in the Pacific were shipped without delay leaving the endemic women helpless.

Not for long however, for to fulfill these needs and jobs were the "super" women of America.Some jobs that women took included nurses, factory workers and journalists.But there were other occupations that did not result in a paycheck.The women who ran the house by themselves had to act as a mother and father.They had to make the money and take care of the family. The jobs that women assumed in America, however, were nothing compared to the feats they had to undergo in the Pacific.

Women in the pacific flew planes, fought in the war, and were nurses and doctors for wounded soldiers.There were many different United States Organizations that women could participate in.And if they chose not to participate in these certain groups, there were other parties formed to aide the war that they could join….

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