t know how to thank

Dear brave sir, I don't know how to thank you for risking your life for your countrymen. I feel as if I am greatly indebted to you. I know that you will make proud. I can only extend my deepest gratitude. While you defend the front lines, you should know that everything back home is well taken care of. The government has done a darn good job of making sure everything is being done to win this war.

How are the trenches? Are they as bad as they say? I hope they feed you well, because we have sacrificed much for your meals. I will admit, the food at home has become less appealing. We shifted from wheat, flour, beef, and bacon to substitutes. I hope that every last crumb that we save is delivered directly into your stomachs! Good soldier, you need not lose sleep over who is working while you are gone defending democracy. Chaps ages fifteen to nineteen are being enrolled to help on farms.

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As for the ladies left here, you don't have to worry about them either. They stopped worrying about you boys long ago. They're using their free time to for fill the responsibilities of you boys.

They've filled the munitions factories, and are employed in civil services. Please do your best to finish this thing soon. I know it's a lot to ask of, but were doing our best to help those in the time of need as well.

The Canadian Patriotic Fund if offering wives and families of soldiers in service overseas compensation for the work that you guys would have done. …

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