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The Middle Ages began since 500 A.

D. and lasted until approximately 1500 A.D. Women have since then been living and resisting sexism until they finally got their rights in the 1900’s.

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In the Middle Ages powers of women have gone up or down like the stock market. Unmarried adolescent women and widows and in some case women from the knight and noble classes had particular privileges that only men had. The medieval structure of fellowship society prevented women from claiming ownership to public authority. Before women got married, young women saved and earned currency through land sales and great load of tiring work. The widows could do exchanges, trades, sell their land, and may choose to do whatever they wanted to their own property. When they are tried in court, they could appear without a man to pursue a judicial proceeding and also answer complaints.

It got worst when women actually married. When they become a wife, she gave all her land to her husband, leaving a power in him and decreasing her power. A woman;s amount of fortunes consisted of a land tract which was merged into her husband;s land. The woman lost legal income to support herself and was subject to hold her own responsibilities for her own actions. Married women created seals along with their husband to represent the right to own property and be legally capable in France. At the time between 1150 and 1350, contrasts between the seals were equally divided among the wife and the husband.

Women as peasants had a large amount of varieties of duties and responsibilities. The women usually stayed in a confined manor in their lives. The women were not necessarily isolated from the entire world so they had daily visits from traders, laborers, officers, and neighbors. Women liked to plant and harvest crops as a job. Women positions included dairymaids, gardeners, poulterers, bakers, and brewers of beer.

In the Medieval ages, people also had parties in a co…

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