Looking at today’s life, we live in brick

Looking back and comparing life during the 1900s in Canada to today's life, I can see how much the past 100 years have left us in a completely different world.I can not even begin to describe how much things have changed since then.

My life would have been entirely different.First off, I would probably be going to school only a couple times a week!There would be a lack in my school attendance since I would be spending my days helping my parents on the farm, cooking, keeping the house tidy, sewing, and looking after my baby sister which is not all fun and games.I would have very little time for myself.

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Meanwhile, my brother would be out fishing for the night's dinner and my mother would stay at home with me and my little sister.Only would my father go to work, being that back then, they had distinct gender roles where as today, there is equality.My father would come back very late at night after working those long hours to support my family.In addition, if I would be living in the 1900s, the housing would be very different.

I would be living in a sod hut made out of mud, where there would be very cold nights and leaking water left from the rain.But looking at today's life, we live in brick homes with heaters to keep us warm.Moreover, traveling would require more time and would be very uncomfortable.

Only the rich would have the luxurious accommodations for those long journeys.Today we have become very dependant on automobiles and subways to transport us to places for we are a car culture.But if I would be living in the 1900s, horses and carriages would play a significant role in my everyday life. I would be taking the horse to school instead of the TTC, which is what I use now.Also, religious values seemed to have had such an important role so I would have been attending church and reading the bible more often.

Furthermore, if I would be living in the 1900s and wanted to communicate with a re…

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