The symbol of status and respect.One of the

The ancient city of Pompeii is best known for being covered by an erupting volcano and being almost forgotten.From the time the city was rediscovered in the 1700s scientists and archeologists have managed to piece together evidence to show not just how people died but how they lived.

We now know that before the eruption of Mt Vesuvius on August 24 79 AD Pompeii was a resort town.From the remains of Pompeii scholars have deducted the socioeconomic, religious and political life of Pompeii's last inhabitants.Pompeii was a city where women declared themselves the equal of men.Women could own land, operate businesses, be priestesses and were often educated.

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Despite these “equalities” Pompeiianwomen were still mostly “owned” by men and from birth knew their position.New born boys were placed at the father's feet while newborn girls were given straight to the nurse.Most girls were bought up by their mothers at home learning weaving and other domestic skills.

Upper-class girls however were taught to read and write either at school or at home by slave tutors.It was believed by some that educated women made better wives and mothers.Literacy amongst the upper class (both women and men) was a symbol of status and respect.One of the most famous Pompeiian artifacts the fresco of the merchant Terentius Neo and his wife, depicts her holding a wax tablet and a stylus.

Girls were considered grown up by the age of 14 when marriages were usually arranged by their family with the objective of uniting “good” families.At this time a woman would leave her father's ownership and become the property of her husband.As many women as possible were kept married and bearing children.Women were expected to be married by the age of 20 and it was law to remarry after the death of ones husband.As at this time in Roman history there were fewer females than males so women could marry and remarry with ease.A woman'.


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