Most one of the causes of the revolution.

Most people think that women have nothing to do with the revolution.

Especially women in France, they were fated to play domestic role in the family rather than political. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a philosopher who agreed that the ideal woman of the revolution was a housekeeper. Were women really that useless? Women absolutely were not made to marry, keep house, and raise children. They could do anything no different from men.

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During the French Revolution, women participated and played important roles in many ways. Queen Marie Antoinette was behind many political situations during the French Revolution. She was a daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. She was arranged to married to the dauphin of France, who later became King Louis XVI, at the age of fifteen. Her marriage had been made to strengthen an alliance between France and Austrian. The French did not agree with that, they hated the queen for her Austrian blood. They felt not safe under the monarchy of Austrian queen.

Marie Antoinette was one of the causes of the revolution. People get upset knowing that Marie was living her luxurious life with a large number of men. She was not doing her job but looking for fun at the gambling table with her adulterer, Count Axel Fersen. She convinced King Louis XVI to ignore the financial problems and spend all the money on her. The French blamed Marie for the shortage of bread and this was thefirst sign of the revolution.

Marie strongly opposed the revolution by asking for help from her brother, Joseph II of Austria. France declared war on Austria in 1792 because Austria wanted France to recall the old regime society of noble and clergy estates. French troops were conquered although they were much more stronger then Austrian troops. People felt Marie Antoinette was the reason that French troops were defeated unbelievably easily. Marie wanted the King to continue his absolute power in France.

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