The large number of the middle class

The Revolutionary War brought much disruption to the lives of all women in New York.Many of these patriot women had to house the "Red-Coats", while others picked up a sword and joined the men in the fight for our country.Many of these women's "baby steps" towards freedom did not do any good, because they were still seen as inferior by the men of America.

Although, these women may have helped to change women's standing in society by inspiring women of the suffrage movement, which helped them to obtain equal rights in the 1920's. In the year 1776, after many conflicts with the British and the taxation laws, America was ready to break free and patriot women were ready to help.Women did much of the organizing for boycotts of English goods, including tea and cloth.A large number of the middle class women traveled with the armies to cook, sew, carry and tend the wounded.Women who were not on the march tended the farms and shops that had been left behind by the men.

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They cared for the wounded fromnearby battles and took food and clothing to captured Americans held in British prisons. In the early stages of the war, some New York middle class women were quick to organize themselves into the Daughters of Liberty.The Daughters of Liberty were successful groups that proved women's involvement in politics could be beneficial for the country.As public support to boycott British goods increased, Daughters of Liberty joined the support to condemn British importation.They were recognized as patriotic heroines for their success, which made American less dependent on British textiles.

In the countryside, while patriots supported the non-importation movement of 1765, and 1769, the daughters of liberty continued to support American resistance. In New York women spun wool into homemade cloth. In 1774, the patriot women helped influence a decision made by continental congress to boycott all..


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