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For myfirst paper, I want to write about women in the American colonies. I want to give a picture how can they survive in a strange new world across the Atlantic far away from their own mother country.

I also want answer the question: "Did women have a greater freedom in the colonies than in their own country?" I want to concentrate more especially in England who migrated to the America. The New England colonies started in 1620 because of the lack of religious freedom in England. In addition England had too many people. The population of the country was jumped from 4 to 4 million during the 16th century. The food production and employment had not keep pace with the increase.

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In the other hand, one could hope to own land when it was almost impossible for most people to do so in England. Because of the reasons above, on 14th May, 1607, just over 100 men and boys filed in the small ships Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery, onto what English adventurers came to call Jamestown Island in Virginia. That was only thefirst English settlement in the now world. Following, there were 13 more settlement in America, which was Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Between 1629 and 1640, some twenty-one men, women and children migrated to new world in search of a better life. Migration for most females meant that their new life would be perhaps no more full of joy than her old one had-nor any less. They find the life of a woman in this new world to be profoundly unlike what they had left behind – different and not always easier.

However difficult English women found theirfirst years in New England, other colonial settlements held harder lessons by far. Almost every woman who left England for Virginia or Maryland in the early seventeenth century would have expected to work hard from the moment she rea..


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