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Women EducationIf you educate a man, you educate a man. If you educate a woman, you educate a generationThere is darkness everywhere without education. Nations move forward and become well developed. Well developed countries pay most of their attention to education and because of education, they are ruling the world. The condition of education in underdeveloped countries is not good that’s way they depend on developed countries under different circumstances.

Education is necessary for woman as it is necessary for man. Man and woman are just like the wheels of car. If the wheels of the car are not equal, than it’s impossible for the car to reach towards the destination. Mother’s lap is the first educational institution for a child. If the mother is uneducated than his child will not be able to learn basic education. In we look into the history, nations that give importance to women education, they become successful.

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The example of Mohtarma Fatima Ali Jinnah. She was an educated woman. By profession she was a dentist. She always support his brother and work hard with him is the making of Pakistan.

She support and encouraged women, and asked them to come forward and take part in the making of Pakistan. Holy Prophet PBUH said “It is compulsory for every Muslim (men or women) to seek knowledge”Many people in the world argue that education is for men not for the women. They argue that it’s waste of money to teach women because at last after their marriage they will stay at home doing chores.

In my opinion their thinking is wrong. For Example after marriage the man lost his job or not able to do work due to some circumstances than if the woman is educated than she will support his husband, otherwise they will be waiting for someone else to come forward and help them. Man is the king and a woman is the queen of a house.

Sometime the king asks his queen “What he has to do in this situation?” If the queen is educated than she will be able to give a good piece of advice or if she is uneducated than the advice she give, may cause a great loss. Education for woman is very important for the development of our country. There are a lot of examples of women who play an important role in the development of our country. Arfa Karim, she was the youngest Microsoft certified professional. Benazir Bhutto became the first woman prime minister of Pakistan. Ayesha Farooq, become the first female fighter pilot of Pakistan Air Force. In our country many people don’t educate their daughters because the conditions of government schools are very bad.

Move over, they are poor and they couldn’t afford such a high tuition payment of private educational institution. It’s our government duty to pay attention to government schools because it’s the right of every child to seek knowledge. The condition of the world is in front of us. We are living in 21st century and countries such as China, Unites State of America, Germany, France, and United Kingdom are ruling the world. These countries give a lot of importance to women education and allow them to work in whatever company or institution they want.

Our country Pakistan, if 51% of population is women and 49% is man than almost 60% of our population is working including both men and women, but in developed countries both the gender is working hard for the success of their country that’s why our country is dependent on such developed countries. If we want to get prosper and compete with such countries we want to give importance to women educationNeapolitan Said “If you give me educated women, I will give you an educated nation.


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