Women during World War II, but they also

Women had a very significant impact on the development of Canada in the 20th century. Although women were often looked down upon, and disrespected, they demonstrated bravery and strength in many historical events. During World War I many women volunteered abroad as nurses, while others maintained Canada's economy by taking over the jobs of the men who enlisted in the army. In the Person's Case of 1929, five determined women illustrated the strength of their will power during their struggle to fight against the prejudice towards women. Lastly, not only did the women show immense support in the home front during World War II, but they also enlisted in the army overseas.

Their might and determination significantly developed Canada to her prosperous state in the 20th century. The commencement of World War I greatly changed the role of Canadian women. It brought forth new and unanticipated opportunities. Since there was a lack of male workers, women were able to enter the workforce in non-traditional jobs. Between 20,000 and 30,000 worked in munitions factories, on aircraft and lifeboat assembly lines, and other war production industries.Thousands more worked in the civil service, in banks, offices, factories and farms, which maintained Canada's economy. The women showed tremendous support to the Canadian soldiers abroad through their deeds, which may seem very negligible, such as community fundraisers, bazaars, card games, dances, and much more.

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Numerous women volunteered for the Red Cross, rolling bandages, knitting socks, and packing food parcels to be sent overseas.Not only did thousands of women work at home to contribute to the war effort, but thousands more served abroad as nurses, ambulance drivers and running the military canteens and clubs.The contributions of these patriotic women made the burden and the pain of the war seem much lighter. Very prominent for their compelling determination, the Famous .


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