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For many years, women across the world have been treated differently. Despite, the long vigorous fight that women had to endure, to reach equality.Women are still treated different, especially women of color.Yet, this did not stop the courageous women of East Los Angeles when they decided to fight for what they believed to be right. The courageous fight that these Latina women took began in the mid 1980's.When the state of California decided to make some alterations in Los Angeles.

These Latina women were sitting in church service at Resurrection Church when they heard the horrendous news." The state proposed building a one hundred million prison across the Los Angeles River from Boyle Heights (Gold 8 )."When these women heard what the state of California had proposed, they were livid.Thefirst thing they could think of, was what example would this set for their children.Aside from the state of California wanting to dump a prison in middle of the community of East Los Angeles, various families had lost their homes in East Los Angeles.

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The cause of various families losing their homes occurred because the State of California decided to incorporate constructions of freeways through these individuals homes.Once the women heard the disturbing news, they decided to take initiative to put a halt to this issue. On one Sunday, they collected nine hundred signatures from church members opposing the proposal (Gold 8)". Theirfirst plan was to seek and gain help from various to individuals within their community, so that they could obtain as much support as possible.After continuously seeking help from individuals within their community, they meet weekly to study the various issues at hand. From that point, the Latina women involved various individuals within the community, as well city officials of Los Angeles.

The Latina women become so involved in this issue that the State of California was try…

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