Gender periods show how women’s roles has

Gender inequality has always been around.Men have been portrayed as the dominant gender since the beginning of time.Although women's roles have increasingly become more significant throughout history.In Islamic society, women played higher roles than in earlier societies such as Ancient China and Roman times.These three time periods show how women's roles has somewhat changed in societies over time. In Ancient China, families honored their female members.

A Chinese man may have high status by the virtue of the female line of his descent.Temples could have been dedicated in the memories of queens.Unfortunately, the establishment of the Shang and Zhou states caused the recognition of women in China to die out.The states payed attention to the military and political contributions of men, which strengthened their patriarchal society.Queens and empresses no longer had temples built in their memories.

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They were only remembered in association of their husbands. During the Roman times, women had been given authority and power within their family.They supervised domestic affairs in their household.Once they were middle aged, they were given more rights and abilities.Middle aged women could help choose husbands or wives for their children.

Some managed the financial affairs for family businesses and wealthy estates.Although there were strict laws on the ability of women to receive inheritances, many found ways to move around them because of the lack or steady enforcement. On the other hand, women in the early Islamic World were given more recognition than women in Ancient China and Roman times.Arab women liked having rights in comparison to the women of other lands.Arab women could legally inherit property.They had the right to divorce their husbands if they wished and also start businesses.

Arab women obtained many rights.The Quran helped to support the importance of women in Arabian socie…

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