Women’s not just alluring objects for the contentment

Women's attempt for independence started when “Declaration of the rights of Men" issued after the French Revolution in 1789.This article by Mary Wollstonecraft clearly portrays life of a woman during those ages.

The thematic message of this article denotes how women should be treated. In this article the message she tried to spread was that womenare human beings and not just alluring objects for the contentment of men.She tries to expose the importance of self concern and self esteem to women. Mary also knew the importance of proper education in a variety of fields for women so they couldstand independently on their own feet. Women were alwayslooked upon as a creature that is made for the nurture of others and the reason for their existence is to serve men.

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It was clearly understood that women had no Constitutional or human rights, these rights and freedoms only applied to those who went out into the real world. Women only existed for the purpose of reproduction and slavery. This view of the inferior women has been practice since the beginning. In the era of Napoleon, we see it depicted very strongly since he denied the existence of women. Napoleon spoke of rights that were given to men in a society, freedom and rights only belonged to men.Napoleon's personal view of women influences his political judgment. The churches were very influential at the time in the society, church gave instruction to men on how to act towards women and defined the role of a woman in the society.

Men were the father figures of the household and they had the right to decide women's destiny. Men are physically stronger then women therefore men are meant to dominate women by nature. The only way a woman could rise in society was by marriage. Women were born to raise children, nurture and educate them yet they were kept inferior and uneducated themselves. Nourishment became a crucial issue in the society when Charle..


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