Through our roles in society and man and

Through out history woman have been the ones who stay at home, the maid the one who comes next and neverfirst. The passage written but Virginia Woolf is a stunning literary interpretation of two meals. A meal at a men's collage and a meal at a woman's collage and how each meal was made for a different person, and how the underlying and subliminal messages of our roles in society and man and female.Woolf"s vivid depiction of the meal served at the male collage as plethora of elegant smells and flavors. Not a meal but an indulgence into ones scenes.

Engorged in the extraordinary bombardment of plate after plate. In such a way that only a king would eat " To call it pudding and so Relate it to rice and tapioca would be an insult". Woolf is trying to show us that a male dominated society. At the woman's collage it meal is nothing more then confinement meal. Woof states at the start of the passage that luncheons are never remember for the food, which is nothing more, then a bowl of soup but remembered for something said for read. A meal eaten by the same author but served for a different person. Woolf need not directly say that women are second-class to men the true validation that the pen is mightier then the sword.

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"Everyone scraped their chairs back and the swing door swung violently to and fro. Soon the hall was empty of every sign of food and made ready no doubt for breakfasts the next morning" The tone is fabricate somewhat of a sarcastic tough meant to spur empathy for the woman of this world. In camaraderie we a meant to believe that woman are the mothers the ones who give up everything who die not in body but in apparition. Woolf teaches without disruption that the world dose not work as it should that people do not get treated as equals. No mater what. The words that don't seem like words as you read them but as if Woolf her self was standing there talking to you abou.


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