Throughout didn’t have the same rights as men

Throughout history, women have been denied basic rights such as freedom of speech and social and economical rights.Women such as Elizabeth Cady and Susan B. Anthony have fought to gain equality for all women.Two ways in which women historically haven't had the same rights as men are through voting and job opportunities. Voting rights is considered to be one of the most important things people search for.

As, shown in the timeline , women didn't have the same rights as men and didn't gain those rights until 1920. Furthermore, men thought of women as property and they showed no respect for women.Voting is very important in our country and its important that you vote because it shows that people have the power and gives you a chance to vote for who you want.In document 1, Elizabeth Cady Stanton states that "it is the right of women to speak of any subject", which includes voting.

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Elizabeth also believed that women should be able to "stand on an even pedestal with a man, look at him in the face as an equal,…".

This meant that she fought for women's rights and didn't only believe that women should be equal as men in voting, but also in all other things.Because of many reasons including the ones mentioned, women were deprived of thefirst amendment in the Bill of Rights also known as freedom of speech. Job opportunities have always been different for men and women.

Even today, studies show that women with higher education then men still earn about 30% less than them.There also many places today such as the Middle East in which women don't have the same rights as men and aren't allowed to work outside their homes.In the old times, women in their childhood weren't taught sciences and math but instead, they were taught how to cook, clean, sew and play an instrument.They were taught to be obedient and do things to please their husbands because a women wit…

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