“Without not be able to solve the problems

“Without changing our patterns of thought, we will notbe able to solve the problems that we created with our current patterns ofthought” (Dam and Siang, 2017).

This quote of Albert Einstein ismore familiar for people who tried to deliver new ideas and faced resistance.Without a trace of doubt, believing in design, as a strategic method of valuecreation is something new for many enterprises and ironically a minority ofstart-ups.It seems, to get a stable organizational support for design capabilities, weneed to pay as meticulous attention to how it will be defined, shared, andpositioned, as it will be applied. The thought provoking point is thatefficient utilisation of ‘design thinking’ can build a commitment to designitself as a new idea.

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Roger Martin mentionsto three main equations for commitment to an idea:·        Normal Rationally compelledby the logic of the idea (logic) + emotional comfort with the idea(emotion)                   commitment·        Modern Logic + data                  sense of proof                 emotional comfort                commitment    Analysis has turned into the principle meanfor this matter. Furthermore, the existing prejudice regarding to analysiscovers the restrictions of analytical “proof” which rooted in analysis ofexisting data. However, as we look forward, the proof is powerful as long asfuture duplicates the past. Notwithstanding the extreme reality of differencebetween future and past, the created ease by data and logic pooled with proofmake us keep going to exert in the what we believe to be verified true insteadof discovering unverified ways. The clear consequence is that we are overexploitand underexplore. The possible outcome in the business sector would be orderlybypass of start-ups, which are more enthusiastic about new ideas and usually devastatesettled companies cornered in exploitation mode (Martin,2017.

P2).·        Stable Logic + data +emotions                 commitment    Therefore, intervention design needs theconsideration of both emotions and logic evenly and only a strong mixture ofboth of them can drive commitment. Luckily the instruments of design thinking,that have been implemented for initiating new ideas for long years, could beapplied on the ways of  increasingreinforcement for those ideas or “the intervention” as we call it in designthinking (Ibid).


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