Without of Science and Technology (HKUST). is also

Without hesitation, I can say, Life Science is an exciting field to study. In recent years, many advanced techniques and methodologies have been developed in the division of Life Science. Using these techniques and methodologies, we can expand our understanding of different metabolic disorder and develop new drugs, Vaccine, therapeutics, and diagnostics .In my undergraduate days I have developed a great interest in studying courses like Immunology, Immunological Techniques, Cell Signaling, Human Genetics, Molecular Biology, pharmaceutical Biotechnology,clinical Biotechnology, Basic Biochemistry ,Basic Microbiology,Oncology etc. and thus developed an interest in Metabolic disorder and Drug Design as well as Vaccine science. Molecular mechanism of different metabolic diseases and Molecular Neuroscience are of great excitement to me. Hence, I was looking for any opportunity to pursue advanced research in those field and found this MPhill position as the right destination for me. The rich history and proven records of reputation in research of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). is also a key factor that propelled me for this application attempt.


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