Within flexible movement. These mentioned reasons from the

     Within urban planning of the district, the wind directions are taken into consideration and also prevent thepopulation which is caused by the industrial areas around the district. Alsotaking the old building structure (existing construction) in consideration to renovate it to newbuildings and new function (Gern et al,2017).The district deliberates with free-parking areas in the end of the district toserve the residents, but the district depends on a public transportation andthe perfect location strategy of the district that gives a flexible movement.

    These mentioned reasons from the previous paragraphs show that Amsterdam counts as one of the mostintelligent cities in one of the mostpromoted countries between the developedcountries. (Van Doran et al, 2015).    For more explanation, one of the smart city in the developed country is Barcelona city in Spain.Barcelona city for more than a decade utilized the (ICTs) to developingthe urban mission with improving several projects. Barcelona plan toward smarturbanization which started from urban planning development by starting the infrastructure, environment, cityservices, housing, water, energy, ICTs, architecture, and energy, and so on.This new urbanization projects applied to globalization and intelligentcharacters in the Barcelona city to beone of the smartest city among the developed countries (Angelidou, 2016). A newsmart network, smart water, smart people, smart mobility and transportation,smart lightening, building, efficient energy, smart waste and the city smartwebsite led Barcelona to be at the headlong of the smart cities rank betweenthe developed countries (Angelidou, 2016).

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As mentioned in the previousstudies, these are the main characteristics and strategies of the smart citiesand their applications in both developed and developing countries. So, in theterm of technology and the essence of the smart city components and strategies,I would like to apply the smart city principles in the city the I live in(Sulaimaniyah). Sulaimaniyah city is located in the north of Iraq, which is one of the Middle Eastern countries, inother meanings, one of the developing countries.    Sulaimaniyah city, as a result of political changes since 2006, the cityhas witnessed rapid changes in different aspects including the expansion of thecity after the increase in population, globalization effects, the emergence of large environmental develop andurban developments.

These changes led a re-formulation and re-planning theurban master plan that depends on theworld new city models and taking new city standard in consideration to keep upthe development in the new urban planning models.     Inthis paper, the expansion of Sulaymaniyahcity will also be discussed to near Tasluja area, which is a future expansiondirection for developing and expanding Sulaimaniyah city, according to theprinciple and strategies of the smart city model.  Objective:    The main reasons behind the requirements of smart cities in developedand developing countries:1-                 Regrettably, theurban population are massive and unplanned in the developing countries.2-                 The continuationshifts of the population from rural areas to urban.3-                 The countries withthe above rapid conditions will determine disordered, unsustainable and minimalneed for the credible quality of life.4-                 Practicability andprocessing problems such as (retrograde, relapsing, and unsuitableinfrastructure of the cities, traffic overcrowding, air pollution, wastemanagement and etc.) 


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