With perfect. Thankfully to the university education, I

With this letter, I would like to show my consideration for your advertised position of PR and marketing assistant internship. Although my experience involves only academic training and entry-level jobs, the skill sets I gained are easily transferable and beneficial to this internship. Those skills include the following: • Communication. In each of my job positions I have dealt cooperatively with my colleagues, superiors and clients, and due to my expat experience my cross-cultural communication is perfect. Thankfully to the university education, I am comfortable about my written and computer skills, speaking in public and presentation.• Analytical skills. Works in logistics and warehousing taught me how to analyze information, solve problems, meet the deadlines and make decisions fast. Also, because of my observative personality, I pay exceptional attention to details.

• Teamwork and working under pressure. My past and current employment taught me the importance of good team environment although I never struggled to work with others. Also, in my previous job, I had to challenge myself and take a leader’s position which I handled well.

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This made me more confident in terms of organizing work, motivation, helping myself and others to get work done. Most of the time my work in various industries involved multitasking and fast-paced process. Consequently, I learned how to work under pressure.Additionally, I am deeply interested in the travel industry.

I have a drive, dedication and willingness to learn and achieve. As I am ready to launch my new career, I am looking for a knowledgeable and successful company that works in a travel and tourism sector. I am positive that Brighter Group will help me to attain further insight into this industry as well as acquire professional skills that I seek as I am near graduation and I begin my occupation in Tourism Management. Furthermore, I feel excited to acknowledge new country through the working environment.


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