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With the development of English language, many parts of the world have been teaching English as a second language to integrate with this evolution. There is no denying that English had tremendous affects all over the world, and Asia was not an exception. With the advent of communicative language teaching in East Asia, the idea of learner autonomy has become a topic of discussion and a goal among language teachers. In the field of education, specifically in language learning, autonomy is particularly one of the most crucial elements that helped students take more responsibility and control their own study process. In order to improve the English proficiency level of students and promote learner autonomy in Viet Nam, more specifically in Kien Giang University, this investigation provides how students using their time for self-study and determines some approaches that are effective for EFL learners. The result of this research will significantly analyze the importance and support the development of learner autonomy. Through the benefits of exchange study programs, the research show that different learning strategies can be brought to the learners’ attention so that they can evaluate them for personal effectiveness. Moreover, the research found that autonomy access the right to education, supports the process of becoming autonomous and independent society and improving education for Kien Giang University in particular and other universities in Viet Nam in general. The data were collected using semi-structured questionnaires and interview to get the ideas of English-majored students in this qualitative research and analyzed through content analysis. This investigation hopefully encourages you to consider how you might develop the principles of autonomy, a much more thorough knowledge of these principles can be developed by doing your own autonomous learning.


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