With increasing one’s physical activity. Along with

With the growing numbers of obese patients and prevalence ofassociated risks rising, weight management has become an essential part of ahealthy lifestyle. The focus is mainly on modifications in lifestyle. It can beachieved by consuming a balanced nutrition, reducing the intake of saturatedfat, shifting to a diet that has moderate levels of calories and increasing one’sphysical activity.Along with the above mentioned measures, pharmacological optionsare made use of.Theoptions for weight management are limited are right now. Amongst the commonones are Orlistat (pancreatic and gastric lipase inhibitor),Phenetermine(sympathomimetic drug )which is not approved in all countries for treatment ofobese patients diagnosed or diagnosed with diabetes Sibutramine (a reuptakeinhibitor that works in combination of both serotonin and norepinephrine) itacts on the central nervous system to increase satiety, and phentermine (asympathomimetic). Rimonabant ( Cannabinoid 1 receptor blocker) which wasrecently eliminated from the market.

Cetilistat,anobel drug,is a highly lipophilic benzoxazinone inhibitor of pancreatic andgastric  lipases,it  is currently undergoing development for themanagement of weight in obese patients with or without any concerning medicalcomplications. Cetilistat (ATL-962) was initially developed by Alizyme, a companyspecializing in biopharmaceuticals in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical.The global rights of the drug are transferred to NORGINA BV after Alizyme shifted to administration. (citeurl: http://en.wikipedia.

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org/wiki/Cetilistat)In December 2008, A PhaseIII clinical study of cetilistat was started by Takeda in Japan. As a resultof  progress to pivotal Phase III trials,Phase II clinical trial were encouraged. The survey showed significant weightloss by the use of Cetilistat. It was also well tolerated in patients sufferingfrom obesity clinically. The drug was promoted.InAugust 2003, Takeda evaluated Phase II of European data and in January 2004 incollaboration with Alizyme made an agreement to exclusively develop, generate,manufacture and distribute Cetilistat in Japan.

Takeda submitted a New DrugApplication (NDA) in October 2012 to Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour andWelfare for Cetilistat as the treatment of obesity.The company’s developmentand research is focused on treatment of GI disorders, cancer, diabetes andobesity.  


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