With also set main priorities for myself to

With my organisational skills as I believed that I had all those attributes which would be I am very organised as I am very consistent and show that I am able to prioritise tasks and follow procedures such as for example making sure I have all the food ready for an event, I would also show that I am able to pay good attention to detail and check that all things are done. In contrast with the event organisers side I would also see that I would obtain most of its attributes as We would see that the skills with organisational would be to make sure everything runs smooth, taking notes for every meeting, distribution of documents and finally organise rooms, facilities, maps and signs.

Finally, with my Time management skills I would believe that as I have all these attributes being I would be confident in that as during the open evening I was able to keep track on time and was able to multi task at the same time. I would also set main priorities for myself to make sure I achieve them and also be good at avoiding distractions, and meet deadlines. As I compare this with an event organisers skills I would see that I would obtain a lot of these attributes as there’s would be to keep track on important things, making no common mistakes waste time on irrelevant task or waiting on people before progressing, Multi-tasking so you don’t complete anything and finally being able to allow spare time.

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